Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Things of interest

I was really happy to see this post on The F Word: Being a young mum: representation and reality. I'm really passionate about supporting young and disadvantaged mothers and think its something that feminism all too often fails at,so its good to see a popular feminist site engaging with the issue

The interviewee actually sent me a link to her website when I was writing my adoptee/reproductive justice/family preservation blog and I'm really pleased that it is still up and running three years later

This post: Questions I’ve Always Wanted to Ask, which parodies the relentless and invasive questioning that adoptees get from real kids, made me laugh till i hiccuped!
Are you grateful you were kept? Does it make you feel special to know your parents made you right there at home, literally between them, and waited nine whole months for you and gave you their name–that you were literally created by and for them? Are you grateful you weren’t aborted? How does it feel to know you belong where you are, that at least two people made or changed their life plans, sacrificing countless unlived lives, just for you? Does it make you feel blessed like this non-adoptee I met once and this one my friend knows and this one in this magazine and this one on the internet?


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the signal boost, and for introducing me to your blog. Adoption is definitely a feminist issue.

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