Thursday, 11 April 2013

Adult adoptees speak

This post, Retrieving what is lost 40 years late, is amazing!
When I hear younger adoptees speak in pain about their adoptions, some of them specifically fraudulent, some just part of the wider picture of social injustice, I know I can’t be silent, I can’t just choose emotional self-preservation, I need to say something about how wrong it is to keep repeating this generation after generation and calling it beautiful. That you don’t necessarily save a child when you adopt them, you certainly don’t save their family (as a buyer you may in fact be a perpetrator of their heartbreak and life long loss), you don’t save the country from where they were born and it doesn’t stop cycles of poverty in poor countries. Saving children is about saving families, saving families is about enabling families to be independent and giving them skills as parents and providers, saving countries is about enabling its citizens so each successive generation can thrive. Taking their children does none of this.
It's long but well worth reading


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